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Art commission "Music is Sacred"

Art commission for Karim M, a very good friend of mine who happens to be a real music lover. The title "Music is Sacred" comes from a poem written by Jack White that I really like. It took me more than 1 year between the art commission itself and its creation!... I do sincerely apologize to Karim since it's often difficult to manage my schedule due to the huge amount of work and activity. But I think I did create something not half bad and it was worth the wait ;)

It's obviously the beginning of something new, the use of new techniques and I love it. I lost my appetite for quite some time due to boring art commissions and non interesting collaborations. I admit that most of my commissions were coming from rappers who are not really the creative type of persons. Unfortunately it did influenced my work and pulling me down. I realized it wasn't taking me anywhere good. Still I always appreciated working with someone like Big Twins since he's very open minded and basically let me draw whatever I want. But yes I'm back at it! Please don't forget you can support my art through Patreon !


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