【Hentai】"Rise Of The Machines" (Android 18 of Dragon Ball)

I've decided to change this fanart's title, from "Hold On, We're Goin' Home" to "Rise Of The Machines". Android 18, one of the most amazing female character ever created <3. *My +6$ Patrons will receive the UNCENSORED version in HD + its process steps video. *My +12$ Patrons will receive EVERY process steps images in HD! Much love to you! Working on new thing already... but not hentai I'm afraid :D


I posted a bit earlier the sketch of this artwork. Have you ever listened to French rapper Fianso? If not, maybe you should (beware as his style is quite aggressive). My +5$ Patrons will receive this illustration in HD + its process steps video. My +10$ Patrons will receive EVERY process steps images! Peace!

【Process Steps】Peaches & Cream (Peach, Rosalina, Daisy of Super Mario Bros.)

This fanart took me time as there are not 1, not 2, but 3 characters! This goes out to all my Super Mario Bros. lovers! *My +6$ will receive the edited and the uncensored versions in HD + its process steps video! *My +12$ Patrons will receive EVERY uncensored process steps images in HD! Thank you, now thinking about the next artwork!

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