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About Tuân...


Tuân was born in Geneva, Switzerland to Vietnamese parents. He discovered Far East Asian culture thanks to his family and rap music with rollerblading videos and events. He soon started mixing his Asian and urban styles by drawing mangas. After graduating from Geneva University in Political Sciences and obtaining a Master degree in Media and Communication, Tuân chose a totally different path and became a professional illustrator. He is the first visual artist to integrate manga culture in rap music by collaborating with many world-renowned rappers in Japan and USA.


Tuân now works for a video game company as well as an animation studio, and continues to be involved in several (music) projects in the USA and Japan. He recently decided to retire from rap, as he felt it couldn't make him progress anymore as an artist and businessman.


Tuân shares his time between his hometown Geneva and Tokyo.

(Tuan's artistic activities and company are locate


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