【Hentai//Fanart】"The Black Bond" (Samus Aran of Metroid)

This is July's very last artwork, a hentai version of Samus Aran (Metroid). The original artwork was made by 天野雨乃 (www.geocities.co.jp/amanoameno). I usually never draw someone else's artwork, but as I really loved it and found it inspiring, I decided to turn it into Samus Aran. I'll probably do this again (and credit the original artist of course). Kinda makes me feel like when I was a a kid, copying Toriyama Akira or Watsuki Nobuhiro's illustrations. Have a nice Sunday! T!

【Artwork】"Soda & Soap"

This is my usual art style, whenever I don't draw lewd artworks and so on. I don't know why I decided to name it "Soda & Soap" to be honest with you :D. *My +1$ Patrons will receive the sketch in HD. *My +5$ Patrons will receive this illustration in HD. All the best! T!

【Hentai//Fanart】"Ms. Fat Booty" (Bulma of Dragon Ball)

July is quite a good month and as I'm currently reading Dragon Ball Super, I decided to draw more DB fanarts by being inspired by Toriyama Akira drawing style. As I already said, I do love the way he draws women. *My +6$ Patrons will receive this illustration in HD and uncensored ! Have a nice Sunday! T!

【Process Steps】"Split Personality" (Lunch of Dragon Ball)

*My +6$ Patrons will receive the uncensored video in HD. *My +12$ Patrons will receive EVER process steps images in HD. Have a nice evening! Next character will be.. Bulma of Dragon Ball. For an unknown reason, I tried to draw like Toriyama Akira while doing my latest Dragon Ball artwork. It's more like an exercise tho, but I really like the way he draws female characters. T!

【Urban】"RIP" (Prodigy of Mobb Deep)

"RIP" is an artwork in memory of Prodigy of Mobb Deep, one of my favorite rapper. *My +1$ Patrons will receive the sketch in HD. *My +5$ Patrons will receive the final illustration in HD and the process steps video. *My +10$ will receive EVERY process steps images in HD! Have a nice day! T!

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