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【Hentai//Fanart】"Shotz To Tha Double Glock" (Sailor Mercury of Sailor Moon)

As I've been sick for already a couple of days and had to take care of numerous (real life) activities, I couldn't have been able to draw as much as I want. I do really regret and apologize for that, but I feel extremely tired lately, and spent the last days in my bed!

But I'll keep going, no matter what! My latest hentai fanart from my hentai artbook "It's called Hentai. And it's Ar." (already 65% funded, not bad). Remember it'll be the only way to preorder printed copies of the book! I will draw another hentai illustration and also 1 or 2 normal one(s). It will depend on my health unfortunately. I'll keep staying as busy as I can though!

All the best to you!


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