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【Artwork】"Bamboo's Lament"

"Bamboo's Lament" will be this month's last artwork. I still have to edit and prepare all the process steps video, and it's gon take me quite some time. Still, I do think I've managed to deliver some original and good artworks again. As for August's rewards, they'll be available from September 5 until September 7. Sorry for the short window of time, but it's my way to avoid free riders as much as possible.

*All my Patrons will receive the sketch of "Bamboo's Lament" in HD.

*My +5$ Patrons will receive the illustration and its process steps video in HD.

*My +10$ Patrons will receive every process steps images in HD.

Thanks again and take good care of you! The launch of my hentai artbook is a matter of days now: September 3!


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