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【Artwork】"Ghost Shower"

Remember "Angel Dust", the artbook I started more than a year ago? Unfortunately I never managed to define its illustrations' graphic style, as I wanted to draw something different than my hentai and ecchi artworks. The latter are deliberately visually appealing and sometimes aggressive in order to arouse readers' sexual desire. The aggressiveness and rudeness I'm usually expressing through my hentai work needed counterweight through more softness, refinement and conceptual ideas.

This is how I came up with illustrations such as "Soda & Soap" and now "Ghost Shower". Thanks to this moment of reflection, I managed to redefine my graphic style for "Angel Dust", book that I've decided to rename "Silent Murder". It won't be as explicit as I formerly planned, but the contrast between the sweet visual style and the harsh topics will be the book's main focus. So not only am I working on "It's called Hentai, and it's Art.", but also on "Silent Murder".


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