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【ECCHI // Fanart】"Raise Your Sword" (YoRHa B2 of NieR : Automata)

There you go, "Raise Your Sword" featuring YoRHa of Nier : Automata ! The title comes from The RZA's "Samurai Showdown (Raise Your Sword)", a rap song I really loved when I was a high school student. FYI, all my artworks are named after a rap song that I usually like ;)

I do believe I'm learning quite a lot lately, and improving my skills too. I've been testing different ways for coloring my artworks for over 6 months and I finally start to be satisfied with what I do. January 2017 is a good month in my opinion !

Thank you so much for your amazing support ! And please remember if you happen to know people who'd be eager to help an artist by pledging even 1$ per month, that'd already mean the world to me !


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