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【HENTAI // Fanart】"MCHG" (Sailor Venus of Sailor Moon)

So sorry, I planned to share this artwork days ago but I caught a stomach flu on Saturday and eventually start to feel a bit better... So I used my energy to finish "MCHG", my new hentai fanart of Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon). And I don't know what happened, but I do believe it's my best hentai art piece !!!

My Patrons will receive the following Rewards at the beginning of February:

+6$ Patrons : uncensored illustration in high resolution + process steps video.

+12$ Patrons : same as +6$ Patrons + all the process steps images.

Sorry for not writing that much but I'm extremely tired and feel like falling asleep right at the moment ! I really did use my remaining stamina in order to give you this... Take good care of you, beware of the cold weather !


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