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【ANGEL DUST】New artbook in the making

Here we go ! I'm currently working on my brand new artbook called Angel Dust ! And let me tell you it will be my best project so far. I haven't released a lot of personal things, but this one will be special. Angel Dust won't be a simple artbook : it will also tell the story of Mari, Tilia, Mari, Lily and Cypress. Five innocent looking girls who are actually deeply involved in criminal activities. Of course, the price to pay for such lifestyle is expensive, and they'll learn about it quite quickly.

Angel Dust's story will be connected to my manga Cliché. I'm currently writing the scenario and script with my friend and co-scenarist Aubry. Dark, mysterious, weird, violent, Angel Dust and Cliché will be all about that.

Both projects are currently in the making, and require an enormous amount of work. That's the reason why you can help and support if you wish to ! One way is by becoming a Patron on Patreon and by joining Angel Dust Facebook page for example.

I'm sure you'll LOVE what I'm preparing ! T!

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