【Hentai//Fanart】"Get Busy" (Kirijo Mitsuru of Persona 3)

I haven't posted anything for a little while, so sorry about that! Here's a preview of what will await my +6$ Patrons, a hentai fanart of the lovely Kirijo Mitsuru (Persona 3) ! My +6$ Patrons will receive the uncropped and uncensored illustration in HD. My +12$ Patrons will receive EVERY process steps images in HD. T!

【Fanart】"Bounce It" (Takashiro Hiroko of Bible Black)

The 3rd artwork of the month is now done! The 4th one will be a good surprise I think, back with some lewd illustrations! And have you ever watched Bible Black by the way?.. My +6$ Patrons will receive this illustration in high resolution and its process steps video! Have a nice day! T!

【Process Steps】"N.A.M.E."

My favorite artwork of this month's process steps video ! And one of your reward as well if you're one of my +5$ Patrons ;) T!

【Fanart】"N.A.M.E." (Mitsuha of Your Name.)

June will definitely be the month of inspiration as I started to draw two non lewd artworks. And here's "N.A.M.E.", featuring Mitsuha of the über excellent movie Your Name. My +1$ Patrons will receive the sketch in HD. My +5$ Patrons will receive the final illustration in HD + its process steps video. My +10$ Patrons will receive EVERY process steps images in HD. Have a nice weekend! T!

【Artwork】"Foreign Exchange"

We're in June now and it's time to get busy again! Here's my 1st artwork of the month: "Foreign Exchange". My +5$ Patrons will receive "Foreign Exchange" in high resolution. My +10$ Patrons will receive EVERY process steps images. May you have a nice Summer! T!

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