【Fanart】"Killa Queens" (Busujima Saeko of Highschool Of The Dead)

I'm glad to show you my latest lewd artwork: "Killa Queens" introducing (once again?) Busujima Saeko of Highschool of the Dead. Since it's an ecchi artwork, *My +6$ Patrons will receive this illustration in high resolution and its process steps video in HD. *My +12$ Patrons will receive ALL the process images steps in high resolution. Have a nice day! T!

【Hentai//Fanart】"More Hoes Than Hefner" (Bulma of Dragon Ball)

As I'm currently facing some health and technology related issues, I can't be as productive as I want. I caught a cold again, I should stay in bed but I absolutely wanted to finish this brand new hentai artwork: "More Hoes Than Hefner", another homage to Bulma (Dragon Ball), but a hentai one this time! *My +6$ Patrons will receive the uncensored version in high resolution. *My +12$ Patrons will receive EVERY process steps images! Have a nice day! ;) T!

【Process Steps】"Only The Strong" (YoRHa 2B of NieR: Automata)

I'm very happy to share with you my new process steps video. I'm currently using Final Cut Pro X, and it's the very first time for me. But it's not that bad, even if I definitely do prefer Final Cut Pro 7! My +5$ Patrons will receive this video in HD. Thanks for your support! I'm currently preparing (again) March's rewards. Since I lost everything, I have to do it again! Have a lovely day! T!

【Fanart】"Only The Strong" (YoRHa 2B of NieR: Automata)

There you go, a brand new artwork, finally! "Only The Strong", another fanart of NieR: Automata! YoRHa 2B is already one of my favorite female character! *My +5$ Patrons will receive this illustration in high resolution. Have a very nice day! I have 4 art commissions this month, but I'm thinking about drawing Bulma again... Take care! T!

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