【ECCHI // Fanart】"Raise Your Sword" (YoRHa B2 of NieR : Automata)

There you go, "Raise Your Sword" featuring YoRHa of Nier : Automata ! The title comes from The RZA's "Samurai Showdown (Raise Your Sword)", a rap song I really loved when I was a high school student. FYI, all my artworks are named after a rap song that I usually like ;) I do believe I'm learning quite a lot lately, and improving my skills too. I've been testing different ways for coloring my artworks for over 6 months and I finally start to be satisfied with what I do. January 2017 is a good month in my opinion ! My +6$ Patrons will receive this illustration in HD and its process steps video in HD between February the 1st and the 4th. My+12$ Patrons will receive all the process steps images

【HENTAI // Process Steps】"MCHG" (Sailor Venus of Sailor Moon)

I'm still a little bit tired but I do feel way better ! So I managed to edit and upload the process steps video of my latest fanart "MCHG". You can already have a look here ! My +6$ Patrons will receive : uncensored process steps video in HD. My +12$ Patrons will receive : same as the 6$ Patrons + all the process steps images ! Thank you so much for supporting ! My next fanart will be an ecchi version of NieR : Automata... ;) T!

【HENTAI // Fanart】"MCHG" (Sailor Venus of Sailor Moon)

So sorry, I planned to share this artwork days ago but I caught a stomach flu on Saturday and eventually start to feel a bit better... So I used my energy to finish "MCHG", my new hentai fanart of Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon). And I don't know what happened, but I do believe it's my best hentai art piece !!! My Patrons will receive the following Rewards at the beginning of February: +6$ Patrons : uncensored illustration in high resolution + process steps video. +12$ Patrons : same as +6$ Patrons + all the process steps images. Sorry for not writing that much but I'm extremely tired and feel like falling asleep right at the moment ! I really did use my remaining stamina in order to give you thi

【Fanart】"Cold World" (Misao & Aoshi of Rurouni Kenshin)

Well, let's say I was inspired as I've just finished this brand new fanart of Rurouni Kenshin. Misao and Aoshi in full effect, once again ! As I said before, this artwork is a remake of a 2009's piece, please don't laugh :D My +5$ Patrons will receive this illustration in HD and the process steps video. My +10$ Patrons will also receive the process steps images in HD ! Alright, what should I draw next ?... T!

【Fanart】"Bad Santa" (Iori of I''s)

Let me wish you a (belated) Merry Christmas ! I wanted to finish this fanart on the 25th but due to Christmas' celebrations of course I couldn't ! Sorry for being late ! The "Bad Santa" is actually Yoshizuki Iori of the manga I''s ! My +2$ Patrons will receive this illustration in high resolution as a reward ;) And Merry Christmas once again, thank you so much for supporting me ! T!

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