【Process Steps】"Frattuan Station"

These next days, I'll edit and upload the process steps videos of my latest artworks. Let's start things with "Frattuan Station", do not hesitate to share this video on Facebook, Twitter, etc. ;) And do not forget that : * My +5$ Patrons will receive the process steps video in HD * My +10$ Patrons will receive the process steps video in HD + all the process steps images ! Take good care of you, it's so cold outside ! T!

【Artwork】"Frattuan Station"

Well, I wanted to draw something "normal" since it's been a while... But don't worry, my next artwork will be straight hentai haha! Well, in a nutshell, I called this illustration "Frattuan Station" since I used to live not far from that train station in Portsmouth (England). And my name is Tuan, so... Alright, such a wack pun ! And as usual, my +5$ Patrons will receive this illustration in HD, plus the process steps video ! Remember : the more you pledge, the more you get ! Have a great week ! T!

【Hentai】"Seasons Changed"

Here's the final version of "Seasons Changed" ! My +6$ Patrons will receive the uncropped and uncensored artwork in high resolution, plus the process steps video in HD ;) Have a wonderful Sunday, it's cold right now and I hope this artwork will make you feel warmer ! By the way, my next artwork won't be a hentai one, we need some changes sometimes isn't it ? T!

【Process Steps】Catherine (Catherine)

Here's the process steps video of my artwork called "Catherine" ! I hope you'll enjoy seeing all the different steps ;) Don't forget that you can support my art by becoming one of my Patrons ! T!

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